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Selected Courses for you:

Business Planning and Forecasting
This is a comprehensive business planning and forecasting course that covers both qualitative and quantitative aspects such as the planning process and forecasting techniques.

39,99 €

Management Consulting: Business Analysis Tools & Techniques
The proven guide to solve complex business problems and succeed as a management consultant

199,99 €

Introduction to Consulting
Want to become a consultant? Designed by an experienced industry professional who is also an award winning professor

49,99 €

Microsoft Excel for Business Professionals
Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices Straight from Corporate America

199,99 €

Management Consulting: Succeeding as a Management Consultant
Understanding the techniques of the top world’s management consulting firms to land 6-figure job offer

199,99 €

Performance Improvement Projects for Management Consultants
Practical guide how to conduct consulting project on the level of McKinsey, Bain, BCG, PwC

189,99 €

Beginner to Pro in PowerPoint: Complete PowerPoint Training
PowerPoint lessons that are easy to apply at work! Become the top PowerPoint user in your office. #1 PowerPoint training

149,99 €

Listening Skills - The Ultimate Workplace Soft Skills
Listening Skills are the quiet soft skills sauce that can make or break a career. Have you ever had a client, customer, boss or colleague have to repeat things to you several times? Or look at you as if they weren't sure you were understanding them, or even paying attention?

99,99 €

Conscious Listening
Listening is a crucial part of our ability to communicate and succeed. It affects how well we sell and persuade, build and maintain relationships, teach and manage, and appreciate and understand. Our business and personal lives are often determined by it.

29,99 €

Management Consulting Approach to Problem Solving
Practical guide with case studies & real life examples how to make better decisions using McKinsey, BCG, Bain tricks

198,99 €

Strategy for Management Consultants & Business Analysts
Strategy is one of the most dreaded subject in any businesses. There are so many conflicting frameworks that is difficult to decide what to choose. In this course you will learn a framework that will help you formulate and execute the strategy for your businesses on the level of top consulting firms i.e. McKinsey, BCG, Bain, PwC, EY. You will also see how others are implementing their strategic choices.

189,99 €