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Product Management Fundamentals
An overview of the history of product management and a discussion of the fundamentals of modern product management for those interested in the job title. The focus is on five fundamental concepts that apply to every product manager in every business. The course provides a background for product management and product development and then proceeds to the a discussion of the five fundamentals: vision, value, cost, production, and impact.

29,99 €

Diploma in Commercial Hydroponics
The core modules listed in this Diploma cover all the necessary aspects of hydroponics. The elective modules give you the opportunity to choose 3 modules from a wide selection. You choose the modules that you think will be appropriate for your area of interest. This Diploma in Commercial Hydroponics is suitable for all hydroponic growers, manufacturers, retailers, suppliers, and consultants.


Hydroponic Supply & Consultancy - An Introduction 100 Hours Certificate Course
This Hydroponic course would be suitable for: Hydroponic Shop Managers and Staff, Hydroponic Equipment and Materials Manufacturers and Suppliers Other working alongside a hydroponic power supply


Workplace Health & Safety 100 Hours Certificate Course
Workplace Health & Safety course online. Learning to recognise potentially dangerous situations can mean the avoidance of litigation, work disruption, and significant, unnecessary costs. Make sure that an accident that could have been avoided is not the reason your business fails. This course was developed by highly qualified professionals, who have years of experience in industry.