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Selected Courses for you:

The Don't Panic! Guide to Chemistry
A comprehensive beginners guide to chemistry covering essential concepts and problem solving.

149,99 €

Environmental Chemistry 100 Hours Certificate Course
This online course in Environmental Chemistry will be of value to you, if you are concerned about the world around you and work or would like to work tn global warming, climate change or other environmentally related areas. This could be as an enthusiastic amateur involved in the environmental movement, or as a professional environmentalist concerned with the ecological balance of the world. It should also be of benefit to private firms, individuals plus public servants, involved in town planning and even bureaucrats and politicians needing an in-depth appreciation of environmental science, when considering new policies. Scientists proficient in other areas of environmental studies, wanting to expand their knowledge into understanding the chemistry behind the impact of human activities on the world, or the environmental illness caused by potentially harmful factors, will also find this program of benefit to them.


Introduction to Microbiology
This course covers history of microbiology, structure and function of cellular structures for bacteria, archaea, eukaryotes and viruses. Then we will dig into the human body's ability to fight off disease through immunology, failures of our immune system for hypersensitivities and autoimmune diseases, some epidemiology and then look at specific diseases cause by a few of our bad-boy pathogens.

24,99 €