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Plant scientist specializing in plant molecular physiology, with 10+ years of experience in growing multiple plant species in a controlled environment.

Areas of expertise: Plant mechanobiology, Stress priming, Plant epigenetics.

Academic positions
06.2021 – Present: Royal Society Newton International Fellow, Imperial College London, UK.
10. 2020 – 05.2021: Lawski Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow, Lund University, Sweden.
12.2017 – 07. 2020: Postdoc, INRAE/ Université Clermont Auvergne, PIAF lab, France.
09. 2016 – 08. 2017: Postdoc, Yeungnam University, South Korea.
10. 2009 – 04. 2011: Researcher, Bose Institute, India.

09. 2011 – 08. 2016: Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics & Biotechnology. Yeungnam University, South Korea.
09. 2007 – 09. 2009: M. Sc. in Plant Molecular Biology & Biotechnology. Bose Institute, University of Calcutta, India.
08. 2004 – 07. 2007: B. Sc. in Botany (Honours), Chemistry, Zoology. Scottish Church College, University of Calcutta, India


Molecular Biology & Physiology: Nucleic acid isolation, PCR, Quantitative Real Time PCR, Chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) assay, Nuclear protein isolation, Western blotting, Electrolyte leakage analysis, Photosynthetic pigment measurement, Photosynthetic performance analysis (MultispeQ), Antioxidant enzyme assay, ROS staining, Amino acid analysis by amino acid analyzer.

Others: Various Open access bioinformatics and statistical analysis (t-test, ANOVA, Duncan’s Multiple Range Test, SAS) tools.

Plant system used: Arabidopsis, Poplar, Barley, Wheat, Oat, and Kenaf.

Hydroponic: Barley in small scale.

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