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Join Backyard Talk

Join the Backyard Talk

What is the Backyard Talk?

The Backyard Talk is a new exclusive talk format for Indoorfarming-jobs.eu Newsletter subscribers.

Every month we invite experts and known people from the Business to join a virtual voice-only stage to talk and discuss openly a specific topic, exchange opinions without being the whole time professional like on LinkedIn. I invite you to be part of the audience to listen to the discussions. In case you would like to actively participate you are more than welcome to unmute your microphone and join our experts on our virtual backyard stage!
We love to see some active conversations.

Our Topic:

How the war in Ukraine is impacting global food supply chains


The Backyard talk starts at 27. April 6pm UTC

How can I join:

As a newsletter subscriber, you will automatically get the invite to the password-protected area 1 day before the event starts.

Our Guests:

christine zimmermann loessl1

Christine Zimmermann-Lössl, Chairwoman AVF

Linkedin »

peter lane

Peter Lane, Chairman VFN

Linkedin »

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