This 15 employee benefits your vertical farming company can provide

Today, it is more difficult than ever for companies to find candidates for positions that need to be filled; competition, price, pressure and employee requirements are increasing all the time. Why should you work at company X when you can work at company Y for better conditions?

In this article, you will see 15 employee benefits, which your company can provide to its employees and to motivate and bind them for long term!

Money alone does not motivate people in the long term. Studies have shown that performance and motivation do not necessarily improve with higher wages.
Employees are therefore more attracted to visible and long-term benefits.

An advantage that especially companies find here, depending on the country, this can lead to tax relief, if allowances can be used. For further possibilities, the local tax advisor must be consulted.


15 employee benefits your company can provide

The following is a list of benefits that are well received by employees:
  1. Free fruit
    It sounds trivial, but daily fresh fruit acts as a mood booster, give this fruit in the company kitchen or canteen or for smaller companies and startups, give it to employees directly to the workplace, so you show yourself as a caring employer, help with a healthy diet and as a side effect, employees stay sick less often.
    To score on sustainability, companies can actively connect with local growers and buy fruits locally by season.
    Winners are all 🙂
  2. Technical equipment
    in technology companies almost standard or even a basic requirement, technical devices as employee gifts, not infrequently high-quality devices from Apple, MacBook or iPhones, Dell or even cheaper Lenovo ThinkPad devices or tablets, in recent years have also come SmartWatches, but do not force them on anyone, quickly the suspicion of employee surveillance could spread.
  3. Company car
    are rising prices for gasoline, diesel, gas and electricity is driving with their own car more and more expensive, although this can compensate for a wage increase, better, and thus also tax law, depending on the country better, a fuel voucher, so entrepreneurs save taxes that would otherwise accrue on the wage increase and so give the employee the money directly for the refueling. At the same time, the company car is used as an advertisement for the company.
  4. Employee bikes
    Doesn’t sound like much now, but it can be a reasonable alternative to a company car, especially in cities.
  5. Travel card for public transport
    sustainable is on everyone’s lips, why necessarily drive a car when you can also use public transport? You can offer support here, in which companies take over the costs for monthly tickets. If you want to bind the employee even stronger, with family cards so that the whole family benefits, motivated even more to want to stay in the company.
  6. Spotify
    Since recently there is the possibility to make Spotify available to your employees as a company and to have it billed centrally via Spotify for Work, unfortunately you have to register separately for this. A practical alternative are Spotify credit gift cards, these are available in different credit sizes. As a company, you pay for the Spotify account of the employee, but this causes long-term costs.
  7. Netflix subscription
    In addition to the pure consumption of audio content on Spotify, there is also the streaming alternative to movies and series with Netflix. If you offer to cover the costs, and the employee does not yet use it, you can bind him to you.
    As alternative you can provide your employee Amazon Prime Video.
  8. Blinkist (alternative Free library membership)
    Consumption is all well and good, but educating yourself with it is rather less, not so Blinkist, Blinkist offers knowledge content summarized to a few minutes in audio format and thus educates their employees. With Blinkist Business there is even the possibility for teams to educate themselves.
  9. Company vacation
    in many companies this is not economically possible, but there are companies that close down completely for a week once a year and the entire staff takes a vacation and they do it together! As an entrepreneur you take over the travel costs for flight or train, as well as the hotel for the family of the employees. Especially if the wages are not so high, they can also score with it to make such a nice vacation. The families will be happy about it. Discuss them in advance but with your employees the travel wishes and they also keep to the legal vacation days and the freedom to not want to take advantage of this offer.
  10. Further training
    Continuing education is essential nowadays, if you don’t continue your education you risk being more and more attached by your competitors, even experience can hardly compensate for outdated know how. Offer employees a fixed training budget, for vertical farming specifically we offer the CareerPath with selected courses. There are other providers you can turn to in order to co-finance courses for your employees.
  11. Company shares
    let your employees participate in the success of the company! With shares in the company, you can motivate employees to contribute to the success of the company and benefit directly from it. Check beforehand the legal framework with your tax advisor and the rights and obligations of corporations in your country.
  12. Pension
    A topic that is handled differently depending on the country, depending on the region where you are reading this article, the pension can come from monthly payments from the state, which you have paid in over the years through work or there is no old age security in the respective country. Here, take the opportunity of long-term employee retention to take care of the employee even in old age. With capital investment platforms like Bondora, you can earn between 4 and 6.75% interest per year. In the long run, a considerable sum grows up for each employee, which can be paid out monthly in old age and thus takes over the old-age security. Consult with your tax advisor. Example calculation, if you pay in per employee 100 € per month, then after a term of 20 years, with Bondora G&G unlimited with 4% interest, a sum of more than 36.740€ results. So you can pay out the sum to the employee monthly or once and support the employee financially in retirement.
  13. Social responsibility (Paid time off to volunteer)
    Products that are surplus in the vertical farm can be passed on, support local aid organizations with food and let your employees participate in the social responsibility of your company, show in this way that you as a modern company are aware of social responsibility.
  14. The 20% rule
    Google introduced this rule in the company in order to give employees the freedom to use their time for whatever they want. This resulted in innovative ideas that Google still uses today. Give your employees time to be creative themselves, so they can bring new innovations to your company, which you can not occupy yourself with in everyday business. Recently, a museum has started an exhibition of artworks of employees, which show that even someone who is not an artist, has creativity. Take advantage of this and offer your employees opportunities to be creative in the company, they may be surprised.
  15. Give away own production to employees
    Last but not least, we come to the vertical farming specific, if there is overproduction of products in your company, give them away to the employees and families, so nothing is wasted, the families do not have to buy vegetables that have a long way behind them and the company saves disposal or processing costs.


It has never been harder to motivate professionals to work in the company, not all of them are impressed by individual benefits, however, use these employee benefits to get more attention in the industry and thus offer employees for a long time.